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Types of ghosts
These are manifestations of spirits that are visible to the eye as well, but also seem to have a consciousness of their own. They have been known to interact with
people by speaking, manifesting themselves, moving objects and other forms of communication.
Residual Hauntings
These are often considered as a photo in time or leftover energy from the past. When a spirit
becomes trapped in a terrible emotional loop that repeats over and over, like a video segment playing
over repeatedly. This would be like an echo of a personality or of traumatic events ( i.e. - a
battleground). This type of apparition does not interact. Some people see apparitions, some feel
energies, and some hear sounds. There have been some theories that limestone deposits have some
effect on residual hauntings, as they have been found near active sites and limestone can hold
electromagnetic charges.
Time Slips
This type of haunting is most usually seen as sounds and transparent shadows. This has been
documented for years. This may also be a type of residual haunting. What may be occurring is actually
from the past, another time in life slipping into our time. This has yet to have much study on it.
Crisis Apparitions
These are apparitions of dying or recently dead. This is the most frequently reported apparition. This type commonly involves one-time
visits to someone with whom the apparition had close emotional ties. This encounter usually seems to be a type of farewell, sometimes
important or useful information is passed on to the "viewer". This is usually a visual image that appears in waking visions or dreams.
Apparitions of the Dead
These are apparitions of people who have been dead for a while. There are 2 types of these:

1. Those that make one or several visits to someone.
2. Apparitions that linger for months or years around a particular location or person that they associated with when alive.
Deathbed Apparitions
Visual images of divine beings, religious figures, luminosities and dead loved ones that are reported by the dying in the last moments of life.
Apparitions of the Living
Also called bilocation or OBE (out of body experience). These apparitions can either be spontaneous or intentional. In the case of spontaneous OBE, the person
whose apparition is seen is generally (though not always) unaware of his OBE. OBE is considered intentional when the apparition can be connected to a person
who is aware they were having this experience, or with someone who was consciously trying to communicate with the person who witnessed the apparition.
Apparitions from Another Plane or Time
There are reports of apparitions who act as frightened of us as we are of them. In some cases, they indicate that we, not they, are the ghosts. In reports such as these,
the observed ghosts appear to be "normal" and "alive" as we know it, (although the setting and dress may be of a different era or locale). Given our incomplete
understanding of time and space and the likelihood of additional planes of existence or dimensions, perhaps reports indicate that two distinct spatial or time dimensions
can somehow merge and coexist for a time.
Intelligent Apparitions