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There are 5 recognized levels to a haunting classified as
to be that of a poltergeist. Paranormal activity can range
from light noises to a paranormal thunderstorm of sound
and activity. This chart goes by levels that are
accumulative as the levels progress. This means for
example, that the level 5 poltergeist will have all the
characteristics of a level 5, but also have the
characteristics of every other level below it.
For decades now, we have required poltergeist activity to meet a specific set of standards. The activity would be temporary, centered around an
agent, and focus on disturbance of physical objects. This way of viewing poltergeist activity has served its purpose well. However, as time has
gone on, and researchers have been able to study even more phenomena, it seems the definition should be broadened a bit. Maybe this traditional
scenario is only one part of a larger category. For our purposes, we shall now redefine the term. Whenever the repeated manifestation of ghostly
activity is primarily dependant upon the presence of a specific individual or individuals it is POLTERGEIST ACTIVITY!
Level 1 - The Sense Attack
Level one is referred to as the sense attack because in the early stages the plot revolves mainly around the basic
human senses. Individuals experiencing this stage of a plot might hear strange noises in the middle of the night or
walk into a room and feel an unexplained cold spot move over their body. They might smell strange odors that seem
to have no source or see shadows move and lights flicker. Pet activity should be monitored. Animals tend to have a
“sixth sense” when it comes to the supernatural!
Cold or hot spots
Strange noises (knocking sounds, etc)
Odd smells or offensive odors
Unusual animal activity (dogs and cats running around more often seeming more
energetic or not staying in their usual domain)
Feelings of being watched
Level 2 - Communication
At this level of the poltergeist, noises, smells, and odors become more direct. The plot is still in the early energy stages, but the intensity is
turned up a few notches. The encounters in the first stage will change. Instead of hearing indefinable noises the noises will turn to whispers
or giggles. Instead of cold or hot spots, cold air will rush through the rooms like a wind. Small marks or symbols can be discovered on
walls, floors, or ceilings. Objects and furniture will begin to move, seemingly under their own power. Unseen hands throw small objects.
This is how the poltergeist communicates its presence to the living.
Whispers, laughs, giggles, moans or shrieking.
Moving shadows
Breezes in closed areas
Visible clouds (base apparition)
Stronger than normal static electricity
Marks on the floors or walls
Objects are moved as well as thrown
At this stage, the poltergeist began to make its presence felt. The differences in the first two levels are that the events can be explained away as the
mind playing tricks or by natural causes. At this stage, it is hard not to notice that something very real is happening. This is also the level of the
classic haunting. People living in the house that reach this level begins to panic and become very afraid! They eventually come to the conclusion
something paranormal is occurring. Fear takes over as the main emotion this seems to fuel the dastardly poltergeist to move to the next level.
Lights and other electrical appliances turning on and off
Unseen hands grabbing and / or touching people
Writings on walls or pattern markings
Windows and doors open and close as well as lock and unlock
Full apparitions as well as dark figures
Strange phone calls
Falling objects and moving furniture
Level 4 - The Trickster Stage
This is the stage where an advanced poltergeist begins to gain momentum, much like a snowball rolling downhill. The poltergeist develops at a more rapid
across the room. Furniture violently shakes. Trash cans and household objects spontaneously burst into flames. Unseen forces violently push people.
Scary voices shout out obscenities and order the living to leave. Sometimes, it may seem as if a playful ghost is doing the actions at this stage. However,
if it is a poltergeist, it may be gathering knowledge of what the people around it consider frightening. At the next level, it will use the information gained in
a malicious and violent manner to create an atmosphere of absolute terror, which it then will use to feed from and build its own energy.
Flying / moving objects
Objects disappearing / reappearing
Violently shaking furniture
Spontaneous fires
Apparitions appearing as frightening entities
Unseen forces pushing or shaking people
Visions or illusions
Voices speaking in ordering tones / foul language
People feeling dizzy or nauseated
Windows, mirrors, or other household objects shatter for no reason
Physical attacks
Level 5 - The Danger Level
At this level, the poltergeist is at its highest energy point and should be considered dangerous. Serious violent and life-threatening actions usually occur at
this stage. This level can be horrifying to all of the living members involved. The time frame here, and with all the stages listed, will vary depending on
the poltergeist. It could end in days, months, or even years. At the end of this stage, the poltergeist will go dormant for an unknown period of time and
then begin this cycle over again starting back at the first level. This stage will involve violent physical attacks involving brutal injuries. Biting, scratching,
punching, and sexual assaults may occur. Dangerous household objects such as sharp kitchen knives fly across rooms aimed to spear individuals. Blazing
fires start up in rooms when everyone is asleep. The poltergeist energy does everything it can to lash out against the individual in its environment.