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Plasma streams and orb
Plasma lights and orbs
Plasma streams and ecto
Sample Pictures
We would like to share some of our pictures with you. If you would like to comment
on any of them please contact
Haunt Analyst. We would love to hear your feedback.
We just want to add that we do not hoax any photos nor do we "photoshop" them.
However, we do reserve the right to edit or crop them to remove superfluous content.
Ecto with apparition
Plasma stream
Circled items are earth spirits
Anomalies with ecto
Ecto with ecto apparition
Elemental apparition
Ignis Fatuus / Anomaly
Face apparition
Blue orb approaches Harold during EVP
Apparition in rocking chair
This white rod was in the photo as
our psychic was attacked
Plasma streams
Multiple orbs
Ecto apparition
Plasma streams
Apparition at the top right corner
Ecto face apparition
Ecto apparition
See it cropped and enlarged
Face apparition at the arrow
Enlarged again
Ecto face apparition with orb
Ecto face apparition
Orb on the move with friends
Bright orb on the move
Crimson apparition in full spectrum
Multiple orbs
Bright red, white and blue orbs
We also entertain submissions from the general public as to the nature of possible paranormal content in their
photos.  Just email it to harold@hauntanalyst.com and we'll gladly look at and give you an opinion!  Rest assured,
we won't publish your photo and claim it as our own.