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From the News Desk
11/25/2015  Haunt Analyst relaunches the website for the second time in a year, using material combined from the last two
sites, making it easier to read and still a bit more organized.  Considering that this project was undertaken after finding that
much of the old files that were stored were corrupted, it has been quite a project to pull off in a very short period of time.  
The good part was that while pouring over files, we did manage to find some evidence files that hat been lost when an
outside individual worked on the site a few years back!  With the holiday season coming on, we did not have a lot of time
to test everything extensively. Please let us know of any links that may be broken or things that don't work quite right at
11/14/2015 This year's Haunt Tour wraps up.  While we did not get quite as many folks as
we had hoped for due to some extraneous circumstances, we got some incredible evidence
that will be posted shortly after the website relaunch.  Keep an eye out for the
10/21/2015 Haunt Analyst travels to the Statesboro Regional Public Library to do a free workshop on
paranormal investigation and is interviewed by Ashley Gillee of The George-Anne, the school newspaper
of Georgia Southern University.  Attendance was great and we all had a wonderful time!  Many thanks
for the hospitality of the library staff and also for the invitation.
10/18/2015 Thank you KyL Cobb (author of Ghosts and Demons: The Lost Things) for taking time out of your
busy book signing and lecture schedule to join us on Haunt Tour last night.
10/10/2015 Haunt Analyst welcomes our newest member, Vance Gilbert!  Vance is actually returning member, but that
doesn't mean that we will overlook him.
10/3/2015 Haunt Analyst makes their annual appearance at Camp Blood. Thanks to Mark and his
team for the invitation.  We had a great time with the haunted hillbillies and dead rednecks!
9/22/2105 Shocking and tragic news in the paranormal community today of the deaths of Debby and Mark Constantino.
Rest in peace.
05/21/2015 Haunt Analyst welcomes back two of our previous members, Samantha Boone and James!  Samantha will be
our EVP Tech and James will be our Video Tech.