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Ley Lines & Power
Ley Lines are the invisible alignments between sacred or mystical locations, which are usually
built on sites with energy vortexes. Because the energy from vortexes is electromagnetic, the
energies push and pull against each other just like magnets! The pathways in between sacred
locations often have much MORE PARANORMAL ACTIVITY then any other surrounding
areas. These sacred sites can be hundreds of miles apart from each other or as close as across
the street.

When sacred sites or energy vortexes are plotted on a map, the straight lines connecting these
locations are the LEY LINES. Sacred sites can include churches, temples, megaliths, burial
sites, springs, shrines, bridges, stone circles, legendary trees, battlefields, forts, holy wells,
graves, earth mounds, and basically any location with a spiritual or magical significance. The
unseen energy flowing through these invisible lines influences the environment and boosts
paranormal activity.
When multiple sacred sites are clustered together, the intersection points of crossing ley lines becomes a focal point of powerful energy
as well as paranormal activity. Power points can be described as spiraling rhythms of earth energy being drawn together from different
sources to form a concentrated energy mass. Power points have abnormal amounts of ghost sightings and poltergeist activity making
them a focus for many paranormal investigations!!!!!