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Keep Calm We're Here To Help
Interested in a new adventure? New members will receive the following:

Paranormal Research Training

Education in the Paranormal Field

Field Experience

Working with a highly recommended paranormal research expert with over 20 years of experience.

Why Join?
Join Haunt Analyst /
Georgia Ghost Hunters
1. Successful applicants are given the opportunity to take part in investigations at locations with genuinely haunted sites and
other places with a strange reputation.

2.  Haunt Analyst is now in its fifteenth year and is still going strong!

3. You will be invited to attend exclusive events linked to Haunt Analyst and to investigate the paranormal with like-minded
individuals across the country.

4. Class time is available for all new members. You will be educated in the field of Paranormal Research.

5. All investigations are professional.

6. Members will receive regular investigation news and updates.

7. Don't forget the cool Haunt Analyst Uniforms!

8. Overall, Haunt Analyst aims to be a focus for like-minded individuals with an interest in strange phenomena. We are not
mutually exclusive and welcome all prospective members regardless of sex, religion, ethnic origin, disability or any other
personal particular, with the exception of age (18+ only). We welcome skeptics, believers and "those in between" equally.

If you are interested in being considered for membership, please read the following requirements for membership and make
sure that you can fill the requirements.
1.  Haunt Analyst  will not, under any circumstances, accept any person under the age of 18 as a member.

2.  Haunt Analyst  will not accept anyone who is currently a member of another investigation team.

3.  Haunt Analyst  members are expected to make efforts to attend a minimum of 75% of all investigations,
meetings, and other group sponsored events, to complete a structured training program approved by the American
Institute of Metaphysics, as well as to be available and financially able to travel out of state if needed for a case.

4.  Haunt Analyst  does not allow the use of divination, Ouija boards, or ceremonial magic of any sort during

5.  Haunt Analyst  members are expected to abide by the rules and guidelines put in place by the Directors and the
American Institute of Metaphysics, this includes a dress code, the signing of several legally binding contracts (put in
place to protect the privacy of our clients), etc.

6.  Haunt Analyst  members may find themselves in threatening, dangerous, and even potentially fatal situations on
investigations. Members are required to sign a waiver that releases the team from any responsibility for injury.

7.  Haunt Analyst  members will be expected to pay monthly dues, as well as provide minimal investigation
equipment, such as a 10 mega pixel or more digital camera, an EMF detection device of your own choosing, and to
have access to a computer for email and evidence review purposes.
If, after reading these few guidelines, you are still interested in applying for membership, please fill out the online application form.