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Georgia ghost
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Haunt Analyst Ga Ghost Hunters
Georgia’s Professional and highly scientific and reputable paranormal
Highly educated & respected  Haunt Analyst Ga Ghost Hunters
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LEGAL DISCLAIMER:The information provided at this web site is for educational
information purposes only.  The material on this site has our copyright and is NOT to be
reproduced in any format without prior written consent of Haunt Analyst Ga Ghost
Hunters. Unauthorized use of pictures, articles or coding is strictly prohibited by law.
Welcome to Haunt Analyst  Georgia Ghost Hunters web site. Haunt Analyst
Georgia Ghost Hunters is ,  a not for profit,  scientific paranormal research group
with over 20  years of experience helping the public who might be experiencing
or just have questions about possible paranormal activity in their home or
What does Haunt Analyst
Georgia Ghosthunters do?
We investigate and document reports of ghosts, and paranormal activity in
Georgia using scientific methods and electronic equipment to rule out natural
causes for reported phenomena. We help people understand and cope with
possible paranormal activity in their homes or businesses by providing them with
reliable investigative evidence, guidance, and support. We use the most
up-to-date video, audio, and surveillance equipment to document our
investigations, and we constantly exchange ideas and information with other
nationally recognized paranormal investigation teams in a continuing effort to
improve our investigation techniques and remain at the forefront of paranormal

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