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Haunt Analyst presents our former project, Haunted Southland. It was intended to be a high
impact paranormal reality show where the Haunt Analyst team, led by Harold Berryman,
investigated possible supernatural and paranormal locations. Demonic and possession cases were
to be featured. After the investigation, there was to be a portion of the program where team
members would discuss and debate evidence.  But, we found that the old saying concerning
plans often running awry has a lot of truth to it.

The original Haunted Southland cast had so many malevolent occurrences surrounding them
that production of episodes were put off until these issues were addressed. Some members
would never be the same. Unfortunately, it was then unearthed that a few members of the group
and non-members of the participating cast were demonic followers. The only reason that
non-members were on the show was for audience appeal, which in itself, was the worst idea
ever and it is doubtful to ever be repeated. Right now, there are episodes that have some
awesome evidence that will never see the light of day due to privacy issues of those who were
day.  At this time, any future episodes are on hold and the future of them is in doubt.
Haunted Southland
Remember how the psychic that attended was attacked? This is what he
described that attacked him in the restroom! Morax is a Demon, Great Earl, and
President of Hell, having thirty (thirty-two, according to other authors) legions of
demons under his command. He teaches Astronomy and all other liberal
sciences, and gives good and wise familiars that know the virtues of all herbs and
precious stones. This profile of the demon can be seen in Pseudomonarchia
Daemonum (Johann Weyer, 1577) as well as in Goetia (S.L. MacGregor
Mathers, 1904). He is depicted as a man with the head of a bull. His name seems
to come from Latin 'morax', which means: that delays, that stops. For further
evidence collected on this case, visit the
Oak Brook Estates report page.
Episode One
Teaser for Episode Two