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EVP Explained
Electronic voice phenomena audio recordings are referred to as EVP. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. The idea behind
EVP is really quite simple. Go into an area that could contain paranormal entities and then ask a them a question, give them about 3
times longer to answer than you would give a normal person and then ask them another question, repeating the cycle. It isn't important
to hear the answer or response to the questions. If you do hear a verbal response, this is called DVP or Direct Voice Phenomena and if
in short, one to five minute sessions and review the recording at the location.

When you have finished asking all of your questions go home and rewind your tape (if you used a tape recorder). Listen carefully from
the beginning to the end for any thing out of the ordinary. It is common in haunted locations that the ghost will answer the questions, but
you have to listen closely because the answers are not always clear and they may even be in a different language.

There are now a large number of digital recorders (this is what most ghost hunters prefer) on the market that drastically cut listening time
and that will record far more clearer than a cassette recorder. The voice activation systems on a any type recorder will not pick up the
first word spoken, which makes this setting unsuitable for use. This basically means if the entity said "good day", the only recording you
have the entity saying is "day". Digital audio recorders generally do not have that problem, as it is typically an optional setting. Digital
models record everything and that includes the first word. Digital recorders usually save you more time and offer helpful features that
cassette recorders don't have such as digital recording settings, recording light indicators, file organizing systems and easy 'delete'
functions, not to mention the nice back lit LCD or even LED readout screens.

Although ghost hunters do have success with EVP recordings, there are still some serious problems with them that need to be addressed.
One key characteristic that is of ultimate importance with EVP is the hunter's listening process! The recordings need to be reviewed and
carefully listened to several times. The problem with that if you hear something long enough you may convince yourself that you are
hearing things that aren't really there. Don't forget you need to weed out the back ground noises, and the mighty power of suggestion.
Ghost hunters at times hear what they want to hear and that's when your group's EVP Tech or EVP Specialist comes in. The most
important quality that makes a good EVP Specialist / Tech is that they are impartial listeners. They also should have no idea of what
questions were asked in most cases, so they would have no idea of what type of answers to expect. This legitimizes their findings from
the EVPs as practically authentic. Yes, I did say practically, because the legitimacy of EVP recordings is impossible to prove, regardless
of what is recorded. Most critics will usually say that it's just natural noises in order to rule them out as hoaxes. There is no way to prove
they are wrong.

There are parapsychology theories that state the voices are a form of unknown psychic ability coming unknowingly from the ghost
hunter their self! Basically the ghost hunter's thoughts are being changed into a electrical wave that only the recorders can pick up. But
there are a few holes in this theory! There have been instances where the voices recorded answers to questions that the ghost hunter has
no way of knowing at the time of the recording. It's only later when the ghost hunter does the research, that they discover that the ghost
was correctly answering questions or had provided accurate and valid information.