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History / Background
Light anomaly to the left of the window
Orb and ectoplasm
Get out....about to start a riot
Hear us talking
Hey, gotta keep y'all out
Crime and Punishment
Crime and Punishment
This is a small museum is housed in an old brick building that had the sheriff's home and office
downstairs while the jail was upstairs. Includes historical artifacts such as a ball from a chain-gang
ball-and-chain, old handcuffs, a replica electric chair, etc. It also has a gallows with trap  door.  For more
information on this location, visit the
Roadside America story on The Crime and Punishment Museum.
You're dying
Ectoplasm with light anomaly
Other than a few positive orb & ectoplasm photos, and some EVPs that believe to be residual in
nature. we did not experience any significant activity  during this investigation which would indicate
that the spirits were intelligent. We did experience an energy which we classify as residual. The
findings indicate that this is a Residual Happening.