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Haunt Analyst  is a not for profit paranormal research group, using procedures based on scientific method, with over 20 years of experience in helping the public. We're interested in helping anyone who might be experiencing what they believe to be unusual phenomena, or just in answering questions about possible paranormal activity. It doesn't matter...in your home, in your business, or anywhere else...we're here to help!

So what does Haunt Analyst really do?  We investigate and document reports of ghosts and paranormal activity in Georgia using scientific method and electronic equipment in order to first rule out natural causes for reported phenomena. We then try to help people to understand and to be able to cope with possible paranormal activity in their homes or businesses by providing them with reliable investigative evidence, guidance, and support. We use the most modern video, audio, and surveillance equipment to document our investigations, and we constantly exchange ideas and information with other nationally recognized paranormal investigation teams, in a ongoing effort to improve our own investigative techniques and to remain at the forefront of paranormal research. And best of all, we do all this with the support and the training supplied by the American Institute of Metaphysics.

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Are you interested in becoming a trained investigator in our group? We do have openings! Please go to the Join Haunt Analyst page for more information.

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NOTICE: Our organization is non-profit. We do not charge for our services. 
				We do not condone anyone that requests monetary payment for removal of spirits, demons, or other spiritual entities. Any group or persons 
				who requests payment of such should be considered fraudulent and immediately reported to your local law enforcement. Keep calm, we're here to help!